Camera Painting

“I had a chance to play with the app before its general release, and I must say I enjoyed the whole premise and execution of the game. It was great fun to search for just the right hue in the surrounding area. Frustrating yes, but entertaining. Developer of the game, Clive Skinner says one player called the game, “Pokemon Go meets coloring books” and I can see that. It’s an unusual challenge, and its free, so I’d suggest a visit to the App Store to download it and give it a try.” MacTrast

“Spectra – Camera Painting is an enjoyable game for the iPhone and iPad. I found it to be a great time waster in situations where I was waiting on someone or something. Plus, it makes a great way to unwind in the evening after work. Rating: 4.5/5.0. ”  MacOSXNews

“The object here is to walk around the room that you are in and find objects that have the colors that are present in your wheel. You find the colors by lining the image up with your camera. If you need more light, along the top row is an icon of a flash light. Pressing it, turns on the light. As you find a color in the wheel, you get a check mark for that color, and that places in the picture that match that color get filled in above the magnifying glass. You continue to do this until your picture is complete, or you get tired walking around. Overall, it is a cute application.” TouchArchive

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